Technicolour Trinidad and a Night Out in a Cave

For our third stop in Cuba we booked three nights in Trinidad, which was a short (90 minutes) bus ride from Cienfuegos. Trinidad is beautiful and, of all the places we visited in Cuba, was the one that felt most stuck in time. With cobbled streets and technicolour buildings, the colonial Spanish influence is still... Continue Reading →


Cienfuegos: Pearl of the South?

Our second stop in Cuba was the city of Cienfuegos, just under a 5-hour bus ride from Havana this city is dubbed 'La Perla del Sur' (Pearl of the South) because of the magnificent architecture and beautiful bay. It didn't appear to be much of a pearl when we arrived, on our first step off... Continue Reading →

We made it to Habana!

For more than eighteen months I have been plotting a trip to Havana, Cuba. Known for its classic cars, beautiful architecture and live music scene, Havana has been on my must-visit list for years. Like a lot of people, I'm guilty of being in the 'go now before it's too late' boat, fearful that the... Continue Reading →

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